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Can anyone please let me know how to create parallel hierarchy in lists? I am working on a problem and as a part of the same I need to display same data in 2 different hierarchies.




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  • PaulRitner
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    I typically refer to this scenario in the context of a Primary hierarchy and one or more Alternate Hierarchies.


    Generally, some amount of data collection / data editing takes place in one hierarchy, but needs to be reported in some other hierarchy.  Basic stuff, right?


    A simple example is with a Staffing Plan... the primary hierarchy might be department/organization based, but an alternate summary might be, say, by location (with location being an attribute of employee, or the employee's department, etc).


    Another example might be a composite hierarchy that gathers data by, say, Entity & Function, but you need to switch the rollup to be Function & Entity... In this case, we can usually have an automated/button process that an admin periodically presses to create the Function-Entity hierarchy, and the related Function-Entity module sums data from the Entity-Function input module via a dynamic mapping (in the source module).  


    Does this help?