Is it possible to skip lines when importing data from CSV?




is it possible to skip lines based on defined combination of imported fields values? Ideally also without raising any error. Warning would be OK. Cannot manipulate the CSV file before the import.


One solution, far away from ideal, would be:

  1. import first into a temporary table with fields as line items
  2. create a line item that would evaluate the condition and result in some code, e.g. "keep" if I want to import the record
  3. create a list with one item with the code from the step 2. ("keep")
  4. import data from the temporary table into the final table with the list from the step 3. Records that will not have the code "keep" will result in error (because the value would not be in the list) and thus the record would be skipped.
  5. Both imports would be in a process.

This solution seems cumbersome to me and I also don't like the error - the user importing the data will need to decide whether the error is OK or whether there is a real problem. Is it possible to do it better in Anaplan?


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  • ben_speight
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    Define a saved view on your staging module that has a filter, then use that saved view as the source for your second stage import. Still a bit clunky, but should be an improvement provided you can implement the filter.


  • ji_ku

    Hi Ben,


    imports take filters into account? That's definitely much more elegant solution. Will try it.


    Still, a logical filter in the import interface would be handy...


    Thanks a lot!