RESTful API How To

edited March 2023 in Best Practices

You can interact with the data in your models using Anaplan's RESTful API. This enables you to securely import and export data, as well as run actions through any programmatic way you desire. The API can be leveraged in any custom integration, allowing for a wide range of integration solutions to be implemented. Completing an integration using the Anaplan API is a technical process that will require significant action by an individual with programming experience.

Visit the links below to learn more:

You can also view demonstration videos to understand how to implement APIs in your custom Integration client. The below videos show step-by-step guides of sequencing API calls and exporting data from Anaplan, importing data into Anaplan, and running delete actions and Anaplan processes.

API sequence for uploading a file to Anaplan and running an import action is as follows:

API sequence for running an export action and downloading a file from Anaplan is as follows:

API sequence for running an Anaplan process and a delete action is as follows: