How and Where can I use data tags.




I am trying to understand how to use data tags ,  I uderstand that we create tags in settings and assign the same to various objects in the model however I am not sure how and where can I use those tags.



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    In one of the models I used it to mark the line items, where summary methods shouldn't be changed. So when you revise summary methods to eliminate sparsity, you don't have to go to all "Referenced By" line items and analyse what will happen if you set summary method to None.

    Also I use this tags to mark line items, which are in use as a filter (there is no such hint in blueprint).


    Would be great to see how others use this feature.




  • It would be interesting to see how people do use them in the future.

    The original use case was to be able to tag line items with a particular tag to enable text searching across a subset of the model. This will help with GDPR requirements, as fields that could contain personal information can be tagged as such, then removing a particular piece of information is a lot easier.

    I would imagine being able to do a text search across line items is more generally useful than that particular use case though.