Providing AND operation in calculating a line item.


IF ITEM(Status1) = Status1.Test AND 'ModuleName1'.ColumnName1=Status2.Test2 THEN
'ModuleName1'.Value[SUM: 'ModuleName1'.Type] ELSE 0


Can someone help me with the above formula, Is to ok to use an AND operation for the above calcualtion.



  • anees
    Is there a way where I can include the second condition for calculating the value.?
  • Hi, 


    Without knowing anything else about what you are doing, the formula looks fine.  Using AND is common.  if you need a second (stand-alone) condition, then use ELSE IF...


    Note that the sum statement (SUM: 'ModuleName1'.Type) implies that the value you are summing by (i.e. Type) is a dimension of the result (which means that Type is a dimension of the Line Item* the formula is in).


    *Note:  Demension of the result technically refers to the dimensions of line item that the formula is in.  In most cases, this will be the dimensions of the module as a whole, but the dimensions could be unique to the line item itself if the line item is a subsidiary view... that is, if the line item has different lists/dimensions than the related module).