creating a discount table


Hi There


I am trying to drive a different profit margin based on volume (by client). Simplistically, I want my margin to be 20% for a volume of 1-5, 19% for a volume of 5-10, 18%: 10-15 etc....


I am sure this is simple but I just cant make it work


Anyone got any advice, please?



  • Hi Krinksc,


    You can create a list called "Volume", and you would also have a second list called "Client", then it's just a matter of creating a Module with list of "Volume" and "Client", you'll need to create a line item called "Profit Margin".


    Then you can start entering the different Profit Margin by "Volume" and "Client".


    If you need the Profit Margins to be different by time, then you need to add "Time" in the module.