End user to export all the modules from 1 functional area


Hi is it possible to define export options for all modules in the given functional area, so that end user just presses 1 button - all the text files are sent to his PC with given rules? Thank you!

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    Hi Dorota,

    Yes it is possible.  If you are a workspace admin, you can create a process (Settings -> Actions -> New Action -> Process) that will export all/any of your saved export definitions. Currently, you have to be a WSA to run the process, but after the March 15th winter release, you will be able to publish the action to a dashboard.



  • Hi,

    how do I do we it today?

    I can see I can attach a button to my saved export.

    I have 5 exports. I would like to add all 5 of them to a process. Assign a button to a process and a button to a dashboard.
    When I try to edit a process to add my saved exports, I get an error (which I report).

  • Hi Dorota,

    What are the names of the saved exports?  I will give it a try in your model and will walk you through the solution in a follow-up post.