Date Flipping from UK to US style



I am importing data froma  csv into a  module and i have 7 date fields, they are all formatted (short date) exactly the same as each other, when i import the data, i have ticked the format to show D-M-Y which correctly showed the dates and applied to all date fields as normal..

However when i import, 6 of the fields are correct and the last one is flipping the day and month to US style.This obviously creates many problems, but how can I fix this please?


  • Hi,


    I would be easier to identify the issue if there is some screenshot/sample data.

  • Hayk



    I prefer to load data to transactional flat list and refer to it using "SUM". It allows to load date to a text formatted property and get it in a module using formula. If you don't load csv directly into a module, this may help you