Leading the Industry Means Leading the Change


I’m excited to share some news with our valued community of customers!

Allow me to introduce Christophe Bodin, our new Chief Customer Officer. Christophe has spent the past 25+ years ensuring customer success in the software industry. We have embraced his expertise and knowledge here at Anaplan to lead the teams that ensure your success every day and keep us focused on delivering the products, solutions, and services that continue to meet and exceed your business transformation needs.

The addition of Christophe to our executive team allows me to focus on the newly created role of Chief Planning Officer. This role has been created at a critical point for Anaplan as we all experience the tectonic shifts across industries and markets that seem to happen with increasing frequency.

As a result, digital transformation initiatives have also shifted to more corporate-focused initiatives for the executive suite, as outlined by Gartner, complementing the ongoing focus on IT and an evolving workforce. The reliance on technology for business success continues to increase with a foundational expectation of silo-busting and accelerated decision making. We have all been experiencing it—it’s an evolution of how you manage your business.

It’s about the ability to recognize and adjust to market opportunities by eliminating the time between decision-making and execution through a holistic, Connected Planning platform that connects people and data and results in trusted plans. It allows faster cross-functional decision-making because it provides greater visibility, transparency, accuracy, accountability, and collaboration across the organization.

It’s an incredible opportunity, working with all of you and across the technology industry as a whole, to reduce that gap between transformation vision and reality. A key mandate will be to help build the market capabilities that are needed for broad adoption of Connected Planning principles. It’s our opportunity to seed Connected Planning as a recognized global standard for business success with all of you helping to lead the way.

Thank you for being a part of the Connected Planning movement.

Simon Tucker
Chief Planning Officer, Anaplan