Exporting major modules for archiving purposes

Hello everyone,

Do you have some insights to share on the process of archiving data outside of Anaplan?

Indeed, our current customer would like to store Anaplan produced data – each closing – in another tool. 


The constraints of our context are:

  • Many modules from which to export
  • Many lists in those modules (each time more than 3 when the views cannot have more than 3 lists in Rows)


We could use a concatenated list with all dimensions but this could have the following disadvantages:

  • Could be performance consuming from the Anaplan model perspective
  • Would be time consuming / maintenance intensive if dedicated lists and processes are to be created






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  • ben_speight
    Answer ✓

    The most performant export from a module is one that:

    1. Produces a text or CSV file.
    2. Uses the tabular multi-column layout.
    3. Works with a view with just line items in columns and everything else in rows/pages.
    4. Ensures that any filter line item with more than one dimension has the default dimensionality of the module.


    Try to avoid mixing dimensionality within each module, as that will balloon the dataset and only present a bunch of duplicate data to the receiving end.


  • Thank you, it is very helpful.


    A note for filters, for now it is not possible to filter from another module (ex: a time filter module, because the dimensionality would be different). Neither it is possible to filter from a line item within that module if its dimensionality is different from the module, however a message indicates that his may be a future evolution of the platform:

    "Export using filter line item is currently only supported if the filter line item has the same dimensions as the module".

    I believe the solution for now is to buil
    d a filter line item in each module in order to reduce the size of each export.