Import of data into the module with Subsidiary Views (use of subsets list on line item)


Hi, anaplaners!


Can you help me figure out the import of data into the module with frequent use of the list subsets?

The module is P&L report, where each article is a separate Line Item. For each article, it is planned to assign its own subset of the list "Cost Centers" to optimize the place in the module. Also, subsets on articles are used for other lists used in the module.

Снимок экрана 2018-06-24 в 17.28.48.png

When I import data in mapping, all the used subsets appear.

Снимок экрана 2018-06-24 в 17.15.42.pngUnfortunately, I can not select the same column several times, so I have to choose "not applicable". As a consequence, the system does not load data into Line Item to which subsets are applied (although initially it is all the same lists). As a result, in order to correctly load data, you have to delete the subsets, download the data and copy the restrictions again. At the same time, the numbers do not change (all the elements are included in the required subsets), but they can not be downloaded at one time. I can somehow upload data to all line items, including line items with limited analytics in one action? Thank you!


  • At some point you'll need to ask whether the saving in cell count is worth the extra complexity involved.
    But the closest I can think of to what you want is to have a separate import for each line item driven from a process.

    To avoid a ton of errors for unmatched items, you'd need to manually map your cost center dimension in each import, marking not applicable items as ignored, and maintain them if they change. Even if you could do it all in one import, you'd still have this problem. So I think it will be much more manageable with a separate input file for each line item that only contains applicable data points. You can stil run this from a process, you just need to prepare and upload several files.

  • To add to Ben's point above, I would start by staging this data load in a flat module where you store all data in line items (you may already be doing this at places in your model as it is a best-practice in most situations). I would first load the Cost Center element as a text format in the flat module. Then, use a series of line items that run a FINDITEM calculation on the Cost Center List and are formatted as each subset that you see below (you will have one line item for each subset of the Cost Center list that you want to load into). 


    You can then, either use a SUM formula to pull data into your module below or run a process (as Ben mentioned) with a series of imports to load into each line item you mention. A SUM formula would be the most straghtforward approach, but you would obisously not be able to edit the data in your target module. If you choose the loading option, you would just have to show the line item that has the appropriate subset of the line item that you are loading into, and the numerical amount > create a saved view with these two line items > load into the line item you are referring to. You would have a saved view and import for each line item show below. Since we would be mapping with the appropriate subset in each of these imports, you will not receive the same errors you were initially getting. Hope this helps!