Importing Excel data to a module by using hierarchical list


Hello Anaplan community,


I would like to import data from Excel source to a module using a hierarchical list. 

In my data Excel source, I do not have the column Parent, which will helps me to import data with the specific list.


Let's imagine I have an hierchical list that contains 3 subset lists : A, B and C. 

In my data source file, I have differents rows that belongs to one of the three lists : A, B and C.

I must not edit my data source file and there is no Parent column in the source file saying wich row belongs to which list. 

How can I import my data source rows in the module accoding to my hierchical list A,B,C ?

Is it possible to affect a Code to the 3 sub lists and then mapping my data according to this code ?


Thanks for your answers in advance !


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  • alec_judd
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    Are you able to attach an example of what the source data looks like?


    Typically, when I'm bringing in data from an outside source, I like to set up a list of records to load the data against.  This way you can load the data into Anaplan in the same format that it is in your file.  You'd set up a new list of Records, load in the Records, and then load all other columns to module line items.  From there, you could add line items to the module where you can write rules to read the data and act on certain things.  Next, you can set up an import from saved views of this data to populate your actual lists.  Lastly, you can group these three actions (1 to Records list, 1 to Records Detail module, and 1 to your actual list) into a process that can all be run together.