Restrict Access of Line Items to Supplier



I have a dashboard, containing a module, with approx 20 columns of data, dates and text. We are sharing this dashboard with a supplier who have their own user, and role setup.

In the dashboard, there are 6 fields that are updateable by users within the business

The supplier needs to be able to see ALL the fields, BUT only to be able to update ONE, the field they are updating is a TEXT field so i am guessing a LISS is out of the question?

Would i need to create another module with just the one field as a TEXT field that can be updated, and all the others linked to the original module,as hiding columns does not prevent users unhiding them.


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  • DavidSmith
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    Yes, I think in this case,you will need another module just for the Suppliers that is only accessed by the "supplier" role