Current User and Current Time functions


For change control there is a need to add the current user and current time to a transaction log. Currently it seems that neither are available as functions although David Smith did comment 9 months ago regarding a current user function "This is something we are actively looking at; to provide a "system" generated list of users that can be used.  Watch this space for updates".

Has anyone an update on when such a function will be available and is any known workaround to obtaining the current date or time?

Regarding the Current User function I did wonder if it might be possible to capture the Current User from the Current User Filter functionality but so far have been defeated in this. The filter works but I can not find a way to capture the Current User in a dimensionless line item.




  • Hi Peter

    The Current User() function and the Today() are in the roadmap for devlelopment.

    The point I was referring to was the system generated list of users

    You can use the ITEM(Users) formula to return the email address.  We have clients who use that in an action to "stamp" the user for an update.

    I hope that helps


  • Peter40

    Thank you David for the quick response. Are you able to provide any estimate as to when the functions will be available, in the next month, quarter, half?

    Also until then do you think there is any mileage in trying to obatin the Current User from the Current User Filter? I have explored this but have been unable to make the last step - I can filter a Module so I only ever see the Current User and save that as a View, but cannot construct an Import Action to save the Current User in a dimensionless Module.

  • PopCC

    Sorry to cut in.


    Will really appreciate if the current user function comes out soon since we have client requirement that while they apply the current user filter, they also want to capture the data according to the current user filter(boolean).


    For example, on the same dashboard, there may be:

    A user:  Component 1, Component 2, Component 3, Component4, Component5, Total

    B user:  Component 1, Component 2, Other (=Component 3 + Component4 + Component5), Total

    C user:  Component 1, Component 2, Other (=Component 3 + Component4),  Component5, Total


  • Hi

    It is being looking at so hopefully by the end of the year, although I can't promise that

  • Hi @Peter40 


    You can actually obtain the Current User from the Current User Filter in a dimensionless line item very easily. You can set the 'Show All Users' functionality to 'OFF' for the same. But even after you implement this , I think it will cause some problems in your system.

    Consider the following scenario.

    1. A user presses an import button and his ID got captured in the dimensionless item.

    2. Another user comes in and presses the same button while the first user is still working. 

    3. Now for both the users, the ID in the dimensionless Item has been changed since it is actually a single cell for all the users (not have users in the dimensions) and hence it can store only one ID at a time.


    Hope it helps


    Aakash Sachdeva