Versions page selector for only the Prior Forecast column


Anaplanners:   does someone what formulas would allow me to reference another forecast for the Prior Forecast column?   I want to compare the most Current Forecast against whatever forecast the user chooses (April, May, etc).   Would appreciate any guidance and thanks as selector for prior forecast.PNG



  • Hi!
    I can offer you the following life:
    1. Collect the data on line item with the versions (example: Source data);
    2. For new Line Item write formula: Source data - Source data[SELECT: VERSIONS. Current Forecast].

    As a result, the user will see the deviation between the selected version in the page and the current forecast.


    But there is an option without a select formula (And this is an interesting approach).
    Add Line Item without a version and subtract it from the source data. Anaplan works in such a way that there is no version on the position, then the data from the version that is marked as current is automatically taken.
    In this case, you will always have to subtract the current forecast data from the version selected by the user.
    The formula can look like this:
    Initial data (with versions) - Input data (without versions)

    Снимок экрана 2018-09-17 в 22.52.49.png