Changing Font Styles


Hi Team,


Could anyone help to me understand, is there any we can change the font size/format in anaplan dashboards.






  • evhu

    Hi Devika, 


    There are 5 font styles available to text you enter on Anaplan Dashboard(see screenshot).


    To do this, you need to enable EDIT by double clicking the dashboard tab you want to work with. 

    ADD A TEXT BOX and select the font you want from the drop down box.

    Remember to SAVE  every now and then to ensure you don't lose the changes you make!  

    Note: Each text box only allows one style to be selected at once. You need to have multiple boxes in order to display different font styles




    Tips and Tricks:

    1. Create a few text boxes, keep some at the top and some at the bottom of the page It can be quite cumbersome to drag them all the way down to the dashboard end.

    2. Use blank text boxes to create spacing for alignment. 



    Kind Regards, 


  • Devika

    Hi Evonne,


    Thank you so much for your reply. 


    But my point is to change the overall font styles in the grid. The values,headings etc. Our dashboard grid is quite big and we are getting scoll bars due to that. If we can reduce the font size in the grid, then we hope that it will remove the unnecessary scolling. 


    Would it be possible to do that in Anaplan?



    Devika Venugopal