Align Dashboard Columns


Attempting to publish 2 views to a Dashboard but just different versions so to be able to visually compare the 2. I hid the Department List column on Published view 2 so you would only see:


Department, Column 1 results (Version 1), Column 2 results (version 2)


The issue that occurs is the column 2 results will not align with the Column 1 results because the Page selectors on Column 2 are boxed in and cause height of column 2 to be greater than Column 1


Can you align the 2 tables?Example.PNG



  • Hi Mark,


    If you are trying to align those two modules you just need to hide the page dimension for the module. When you edit the dashboard and select the module, uncheck both the "Show Label" and "Show Page Selector" for the dimension title you wish to hide. Once you do that for enough of them the modules should align.


    Let me know if that helps!