Bold Columns




Is there a way to highlight a column in bold within a modul?


I have a situation where the line items are rows and the columns are the List items (Departments) which roll up into the Parent Divisions. Is there a way to apply conditional formatting to the Division columns only?


I have looked at previous questions regarding this but the answers are for when the Line items are Pages






  • Hi - if I'm understanding correctly, the column you wish to highlight is a summary (parent divisions) of the children (depts). I'd say it's easier to publish a seperate view of the module to the dashboard, showing 'summary' columns only. 

    Otherwise adding a line item in the module (i.e. "is summary" with data type = Boolean). But the shortcome is that adding a line itme = adding more cells. This approach might be cumbersome if you're already running out of space of your workplace. 

    Hope this helps!