Waterfall chart doesn't work well with LineItem Subset

Hi, everyone, 


I'm having some trouble with creating a waterfall chart to analyze the all the factors of ups and downs between actual and forecast. First of all, I created a module (A) with all the factors as lineItems including star, subtotal, and end summary, and then, because I have to do some filtering and other sum-up mapping basing on other logic like refering to flag, I created another module (B) that applied a lineitem subset  and collect the data from which I created (A) before. And then I have to publish the waterfall chart from Module B, but I couldn't get what I wanted, due to that the waterfall igores the start, subtotal and end I already included in the lineItem Subset.


Module A (simple version):


* The waterfall looks like what we want, but we have to do let users customize the mapping and filter the items dynamically so we have to change the lineitem into lineitem subset.


Module B (simple version):

6.PNGThis doesn't look right....It takes the subtotal and end summary as factor items while adding another end total by itself.... I can exclude the end summary from the lineitem subset, but I have to keep the Subtotal ones.


Does the waterfall only work with lineitem or list but can't work with lineitem subset? I regard the lineitem subset as the same thing as list though.

Really appreciate if anyone could help!


Thanks in advance.