Unavailable Action Help


I have a Button/Action on a dashboard showing unavailable, and if i look in contents i can not tick it, then comes the fun of trying to find  which action, module, dashboard etc etc is the cause. I have been looking for an hour now and still no joy, is there a way this 'unavailable' could be more useful?




  • Hello,


    So there are a few reasons where an Action can show as unavailable, I recommend looking at each of these:


    1. The Action needs to be approved for that role if it is to be available. If you go to Users in Model Settings and choose the Roles --> Actions Tab you will see a list of all actions and check boxes next to each role. If the Action is a Process (a collection of other Actions) then you need to give access to each of Actions that make up the process.


    2. If the Action is to open a dashboard, then you need to make sure that all modules within that dashboard are accessible by that role. 


    Hope that helps!