Syntax for a variable Line Item in a formula




I'm building a module where I want to pull values from a subsidiary model, but the line item I want to pull from varies according to the member of a particular dimension.

For example, if I'm looking at dimension member "APPLES", I want to get my data from the line item "line_item_a", but if I'm looking at the dimension member "BANANAS", I want to get data from "line_item_b".

(It's not really a case of having the same dimension in both modules, because the relationship doesn't really work like that.)

I've set up properties for the dimensions of my receiving module so that the source line item is defined in each case. 

Here's an example:

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 15.48.42.png

The formula for "Start" is set up so that it gets data from the source module's line item "Gross Paid Claims", but I would like that line item to be defined by the content of the "Start Line Item" line item, which is derived automatically from a property. This would mean that I could change the appropriate page dimension member and the results of the "Start" line item would automatically change to use the Start Line Item as defined by the property. From a model-building perspective, it would mean that I could maintain the relationships as properties and wouldn't need an enormous "IF" statement for the Start formula.

What's the syntax that I need for my "Start" line item?

Thanks in advance



  • Hi - This is possible without the need for multiple IFs

    1. Create a line item subset from the source module including all of the line items that you need to use a "properties".  Best practice is to include the module name in the naming (e.g. LISS:Module Name)

    2. Create a staging module using the line item subset from 1 with a single Line item (let's call it 'data')

    3. Create a mapping module dimensioned by the list you want apply the properties to and add a line item that is formatted as the Line Item Subset from 1 (let's call the line item 'LISS map')

    4. Map the applicable line items to the list items

    5. The target formula now becomes staging staging[lookup:mapping module.LISS map]


    Hope this helps