Disabling line item values

Hi Team,


Is there any way in Anaplan to disable a list item value which is used by another user in a input dashboard.



Devika Venugopal



  • Hi

    Yes, you can use Dynamic Cell Access to do this


    1. Set up a line item subset from the module you wish to control for the line item(s) in question

    2. Create an Module, using this Line Item Subset and the Users list as the dimensions.  It is best practice to call this Access Drivers  - <module name>-Users, or something like that!!

    3. Set up two line items READ and WRITE, and format them as booleans

    4. Assign the access by user as appropriate to the line item(s)

    5. In the target module, set the read and write access drivers by referring to the module and line items created in 2.


    There is more information here:



    And also, the Learning App in the App Hub, has a worked example of this.



    I hope this helps


  • Hi David,


    Thank you so much for your help. I have gone through the video and Demo App as well. 

    I have tried to implement the same in my module as well. But still I'm confused in one thing, how can we hide the list item value if its already entered.


    It would be great help for me if you can guide me on that.




  • You can use DCA to make the value "invisible", but to disable the whole list item itself, the only way to achieve that is to set up a filter in conjunction with the DCA setting


  • Hi David,


    Thank you so much for your help. 


    I have setup the DCA for "Invisible" option and trying to do the conjuction for hiding the list item value.


    Meanwhile, do we have any sample available for the hidden list item value option which I can refer.




  • Other than the learning App, I'm afraid not