Copy % inputs to children (within a module)



Is there any functionality similar to breakback, but instead breaking the values (%s) equally accross children, i want to copy the value accross childres. I am trying to enter growth % at company level on a line item in a module, and i want that % to be copied accross departments (departments roll upto companies) instead of breaking evenly.


Thanks in advance



  • As departments roll up into companies, and assuming Companies is a separate lists, you can bring in the %s from company using the LOOKUP function


    1. Set up a module dimensioned by the Departments list (let's call it Department Details)

    2. Add a line item called Company and format it as the Companies list

    3. Add the formula PARENT(ITEM(Departments))


    In the source model, you will have the % entered at Company level, so in the target module the formula will be something like:

    Company Growth Assumptions.Growth%[LOOKUP:Department Details.Company]


    Hope that helps



  • SR
    Thank you Dave, it worked.