Adding an additional column from a list while exporting does not work


Hi, I have a simple module with 1 line item, pivoted. I am trying to export with additional column from an original list (as an atribute) and it does not work. I tried all possible export options and it does not work. Maybe there is a trick to build pivot in an other way or sth? Functional area: EG Scorecard, module: EG SC Quota By BU; I want,  by exporting, to add field District Parent from #Territories to districts as per attached word document. Any exported excel contains only one column and misses this extra added 😞

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    Hi Dorota,

    In order to get the District Parent to export, you will need to set the export definition to 'Tabular - Miultiple Data Columns - All Line Items....'.  Once you do this, you should see the data in your export file.



  • Hi thank you for you prompt answer but this does not work in case of my module  😞 D.
  • Hi Dorota,
    In order to export just one line item with a property, you will need to select the format Tabular - Single Data Column - Current Line Item. You should then be able to include the requested property in your export.
  • Fantastic this works! (somehow I missed this one as I wanted to keep the pivoted view).