Do Import Actions have an expiry date?



The import actions sometimes throws an error dialogue stating 'the import action / the file you are looking for, is no longer available'. However, you will be able to run the action. 


Now, the question is how do I check the mapping if it was essential to know the mapping. Is there a workaround to it? Also, do the import actions have an expiry date? such as the import actions will not be stored after 1 month or so!



Best Answer

  • ben_speight
    Import source file data has a limited lifespan, unless set as a default file. However, the import and import source definitions are part of the model and are not removed unless a user does so explicitly - or if either the source definition or target (module/list) of an import is removed, then the import is implicitly removed. See for more information on default files. To be able to check mappings at a later date without having to upload anything, upload a dummy file with enough structure to maintain the import, and set that as default available to administrators only.