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Hi All I am new to Anaplan and in a learning mode.  I see on my workspace administrator login, that on a dashboard displaying charts, if I click on the green "menu"  in the corner of the chart, there is an option called Chart Options, however, when a standard user having read only rights clicks on the same green "menu" in their session, this menu item is not there.  Is it possible to make this option available to all users somehow?  If so, how can it be accomplished?  The reason I am asking this is becuase I have users that would like to download some of the charts in various dashboards so that they can use them in presentations.  If exposing the Chart Options is not an option, how can a standard user download a chart to his/her computer? Thanks Tom


Best Answer

  • alec_judd
    Hi Tom,

    The end users will not be able to see the chart options, like you said.  The best option for users to export or download a chart to his/her computer is through the Dashboard Export to PDF which all users have. 

    If there was a particular graph that users wanted to have, but they didn't want everything else on the dashboard, there is also a way that they can export the dashboard to PDF but only include the chart.  If you have the users click on the green button on the chart and hit maximize, the chart will be the only thing on the dashboard.  From there, the users can go to the three bars on the Dashboard tab, and Export to PDF.  This will then export only the dashboard.

    Another option could be that they take a screenshot of the chart of course.