Limit on Model-to-Model Import Size?


Is there a limit on the size of data imports taken through the 'Connect to Anaplan model' route? I am getting server errors, and having to resort to an Excel export from one model and import into the other. The export/import route itself has limitations, as the exports are limited to the 65,000-odd rows that Excel 2007 can take. Once the export has been cut down to fewer than 65k lines it works, and the import (from a CSV version) works just fine. Has the model-to-model connection perhaps been sized around this non-Anaplan limitation?

Best Answer

  • elizabeth_schaf
    To my knowledge, there is not a limit on size for model-to-model imports. I would reach out to support if you have already completed troubleshooting on the import itself including attempting to set up a new import.