Anaplan Model Evaluation


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I have been assigned the responsibility of evaluating an Anaplan Model created by my peers. I need to submit  a formal documentation with recommendation on areas of improvement. Do Anaplan have a standard template for such evaluation. If available could you please share or let me know the path.

Any other model evaluation template is also most welcomed.





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    I have spoken with the Dev Team and the current maximum for numbered lists is 999,999,999.


  • I'd like to know the answer to this one! I'm having a go at piling Oracle transaction data into Anaplan, so that users can get behind aggregate values and invesigate individual transactions. Model size is an issue, as ever, but I'm also curious as to whether my numbered list is going to max out at some point.
  • What is the solution for when the ID gets to this number? can it be re-set the numbering or the list should be recreated?