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Hi I would like to know if there is any option to add images to the dashboard. I am trying to create a model where I have landing dasboard and then I navigate to my other dashboards, I am interested in knowing the steps to add image to this landing dashboard.  Thanks!



  • Hi Sanjula,

    We currently do not offer an option for adding images to dashboards.  If you would like to you can post this to our request for enhancements forum.

  • There are several key items to remember when you want to place an image in a dashboard:


    1. The image is referenced from an existing module
    2. The images is saved as a Text-URL as a line item in the module
    3. Anaplan does not store the image but uses the URL to produce the image in the dashboard.

    You cannot insert an image directly into the dashboard.

  • Hi, what systems/tools do people use to store files on? I'm having issues with finding a system that keeps the file type as part of the URL.


  • Hi,


    I am not sure that I understood your concern. Let me put my thoughts over here, you no need to save the images, instead you have to add the URL in a text formatted line item(link) and refer this in dashboard.


    Images in Dashboard.PNG



  • willridge


    Every web based system keeps the file type as part of the name (some allow you to hide file type in your personal settings). If you cannot see the file type (.jpg, .png etc.) then you need to change your settings in folder viewer.

    You could save the images to a Google Drive but security is your responsibility. I have tried Dropbox but that needs a password so makes it unsuitable for Anaplan dashboards.

    You may find this link useful


    All the best

  • Hi @willridge and @PaulWestonVA 


    I've been using - to host images.

    Would good to get a list of the best and safest image hosting sites.





  • Agreed. Would be good to know if there's any that need a password to log in as well

  • Misbah

    Agreed, it can be done with the simple text formatted line item but the concern is the security. What happens if the link gets corrupted somehow or some other activities take place which makes your url incompatible.

  • Hi Paul, thanks for the response. The issue isn't finding a file sharing/storage site, it's that the file needs to be stored securely (e.g password protected) and that the link to the file also needs to end with .jpg or .png. Many of the file sharing sites have the file type embedded in the link somewhere, but not at the end.


    Hope that helps to clarify the original query.

  • Hi @Misbah 

    Then the image would not show anymore but Anaplan would not flag this, you'd have manually test and relocate the the image unfortunately. I have made a suggestion to Anaplan in the ideas section that Anaplan should host the images as it does with data to protect them, however it has not made it to the road map yet. Maybe I could your support -







  • Misbah

    @usman.zia That's exactly what I meant. You lose image and there is every possibility that some other distracting or disturbing image may pop up on the dashboard.
    Sure, let me just give a thumbs up to your idea. I think that is needed.

  • For anyone looking for an update on this, as of MAY/JUNE 2023 there is a new "Assets" page where you can store images natively in Anaplan to use in your UX pages etc.