Dynamic graphs/charts on dashboards

Is it possible to place a chart or graph on a dashboard that is linked to a dynamic period, and so auto-updates as time passes? e.g. rather than the dashboard graph permanently showing sales figures for Jan, Feb, Mar 2015, it shows data from the past three months, updating itself each month?



  • Hi Matthew, I have the same question, like a rollling X months from the current month to succeeding x months.  Could be useful for reporting projections/forecast in a chart that dynamically shift based on current period.  I am able to create a crude solution which maybe you can consider for your requirement too:

    1) use the set up parameter module with the current month (e.g. PERIOD(CURRENTPERIODSTART())) and so on using addmonths. Or you can use the function inside the formula as well instead of setting up a parameter module
    2) create Line Items X number of line items (e.g. Current Month, Current Month +1, and so on) and include a formula to pick up the value from another module using the look up function and use the current month parameters

    If you want more explanation, let me know.

    I got a feeling there is a more elegant way.  So here's wishing for someone to share that more elegant solution.

    Ben Garcia
  • I believe Ben is referring to create something along the lines of a Time Filter module (correct me if I'm wrong) which on dashboards would move module data along the current period of the model. However at this time, for graphs and charts, that concept does not work automatically on dashboards. You have to continue to republish the graphs and charts as time goes along.
  • Hello, bit of a delayed reply.


    However you can solve the problem on the graph, if you use a dummy time dimension. Just replace the system time, with a normal list, which has the same elements as the time dimensionon. This new list will update based on filtering, where the time dimension does not behave this way.


    It's a bit of a workaround, but at least you only need to publish your dashboard ony once.