User to Run a process with their own file


Users have the ability to run an import while using their own documents, but there is no way to run a process with their own document? I have a few modules that need to be populated with data coming from the same upload file, but at the moment the users are having to manually run through each module import instead of just running a process that is already setup. Is there any way to make this work with an action button in the systems current state?


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  • StefR
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    If you would like to do this from a Process button, you would need to edit the process (settings > Actions) to point to the new/correct file. If the file changes over time, you would need to update regularly. 


  • The file would be provided by the User. They are loading their own information each month, and right now, have to load the same file thorugh 3 different modules setup to accept data from that template. As an admin, I have the ability to load a file only once through a process, but the user does not get that option and are forced to load it 3 separate times. I have several users loading their own files on a monthly basis this way.