Setting a Hierarchy


We have a scenario wherein the organization hierarchy is as follows [list=1]

  • Legal Entity
  • Units
  • Departments
  • Employees   Where the departments gets rolled up to the units and in turn units gets rolled up to the legal entities.   The organization has multiple departments (50+ )and units (20+). All departments should be mapped to all the units. How do we proceed with this??      

Best Answer

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    You have to start from tops down.  Under Organization create your lists.  You do so under general lists.Wheere it says parent hierarchy you indicate how each rolls into the hierarchy.  Then you need to create either csv or txt files with how your organization is structured.  Go to grid view for each list and import each one starting from the tops down.  Each text or csv file should have the list item you are importing as well as the parent so you can map it.