Dropdown (Time dependent)


Hi community,

we currently working on a anaplan project and can't fix one major "Dropdown/Selection" problem.

Background: It's for a HR Planning Tool


So we have our module "position planning" where Employees were assigned to a position.



Therfore we just made a Drop Down, where we can assign them. But now there comes the tricky thing....

We want to see just the Employees which are available.


So if the Employee is just assigned to a Position, he should not be in the dropdown.

And the most tricky -> This all is time depandant ... so if we want to assign an Employee to a Position in May, there should only be shown the free Employees in May.



If you need more information, please feel free to ask!

So can anyone may help us? - would be great 🙂


Regards, Patrick



  • Hi Patrick,


    If an employee is assigned to a position from a dropdown, the same employee should not be available for assignment for other positions.

    Is my understanding correct?



    CA Pavan Kumar

  • Hi Pavan,

    Yeah, that's what i mean.

    Would be great if you have any idea to solve this problem.

    KR Patrick 

  • Hi Patrick,

    There is no way where we can control the dropdown dynamically as in the requirement. But, as a workaround we can do the following options:

    Option 1) Color code the tab into Red color when the same employee is selected twice.

    Option 2) There will be a "Submit" button after each assignment

                    Say, Position 1 -assign- Employee A  --> Click Submit button (Emp A will not be seen for next)

                            Position 2 -assign- Employee B  --> Click Submit button (Emp B will not be seen for next)


    If we go with option 2, we should create a false employee list with mappings to actual employee list. And, use the false list for assignment. Whenever the "Submit" button is clicked, a process will update the false employee into position list and find actual employee using finditem. And, delete the particular employee from the false employee list in the same process.


    If you are okay with option 2, i can help you further in buiding it.




  • Hi Pavan,

    We just used clour coding... not the best way... but it's ok...

    Thought it works otherway with dynamically dropdown... 😄

    Thank you for responding! 🙂

    Regards Patrick

  • Great, Thank you!

  • There is a way to do this without TIME, using Dependent Filtering... but doesn't work with time because there can only be a single list property tied to the dependency... 


    Some possibilities might be:

    • if an employee were fully assigned for all periods, we could exclude them,
    • or if there was a current period we could indicate, the it could be filtered by tying the current period as a lookup into the list property result

    Let me know if you want to explore either.





  • Hi Paul,


    I think dependent dropdown will work only when we have parent and child relationship. So as to bring parent as a property to use it as a filter as you said.

    It will be great if you give an example to acheive this.

    Thanks in advance



    CA Pavan Kumar




  • Hi, 


    Attached is an example using the Dependent Format setting option.





  • Hi Paul,

    Excellent. Loved it.
    Thanks for taking time and explain it so clearly.
    Thank You,
    CA Pavan Kumar