List Referenced By

Is there a "Referenced By" for lists, like there is for modules.  Thanks, Mark


Best Answers

  • Hi Mark ,

    You wont be getting the list 'refrenced' by as the same way you get in - Modules, but what we do is as per below

    Modules - Applies To - Copy & Paste and find out the list used in diff Module's .

    Proabaly this feature will be included by Anaplan, currently  we uses Subsets and i think they are figuriing a way to how to incorprate both 🙂

  • Export the line items data that is present under Modules --> Line Items tab.
    In the downloaded excel put a filter to the Format column and select the desired list this way we can find out in which modules a particular list is being referenced.


  • Thanks, I use Sudheer's method (below). For all intents and purposes it is the same as yours. It's a good work around, still a pain though. Thanks for your input.

  • Thanks Sudheer. This is my current strategy. Hopefully we will get an improvement soon. Thanks for your input.