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I need help.  I have a HUB model and a Quota model.  In both models, I have an identical module in which I'm trying to import from HUB to my Quota.  Both modules are using 2 lists.  One my sub id list (contract #) and the other is my product list..  There is only one line item--Sales.  Time is on the pages (as years) for both, as is the one line item.  Time is columns and my sub is rows.  For the life of me, I cannot get the time periods to match.  I have tried everything.  I'm choosing Time as my columns--I tried matching, tried using 4 digit year, 2 digit year, 2 digit year with FY (??YY).  Please help.  This should be so simple, but I cannot seem to get the time identifiers to match. Both are set on Year.


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  • harish_bk
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    Hi Carolyn

    Since time is in years make sure both modules are with time level years and then when you are importing the module to module all your page items would be seen as row members.

    Select the column which has time as row members and leave the time mapping in default and then run the import.


  • Hi Carolyn,

    What error are you getting?

    Would it be possible to show a screen shot if the data is not sensative?