Comparison (calculate a difference) of two selectable parameters

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I am expecting to compare two parameters (in the attached file, May vs April) which users can select. (Please see the attached file). I would like your pointers on how to acheive this. April, May, and Jun do not have to be TIME dimension, but may be a list.


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  • Hi, Pavan


    Thank you, Pavan. What you have suggested perfectly worked for me !!!

  • Cheers!

  • A follow-up question on that. I understand how the Comparison Module information is being extracted to Report Module. But are there any ways to combine the Comaprison Module and Report Module so that I can change the month I want directly in the Report Module instead of drilling down to Comparison Module and make changes there?

  • Yes, you can do so. And, those line items does't require any dimensions.