Data Copy from One Version to another


Hi All, Can any one please let me know how we can copy data from one version to the other . For example if i want to copy data from Forecast_May to Forecast June for some intersection like FY16,for a particular account, for a location.Entity Thanking you in advance Regards Sasi


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  • harish_bk
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    Hi Sasikanth

    You can use bulk copy but only issue is that in bulk copy you can only map one list member and cannot touch list members belonging to other lists.

    For now you have to run an import for all the modules one by one, other option would be to create an API and then keep running it. Hope the Development team takes this as an enhancement and gives us options to select multiple list member and applicable modules to run a program like bulk copy.


  • Any other option as we have different data copy options in other reporting tools like Hyperion...?
  • Unfortunately at this moment I dont think we have any options, may be we can play around using API's. But I have already requested in Enhancements section for this requirement hope Devs would have a look at it