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I'm looking to try and find away to calulate working days between two dates in a module; I know this has been addressed in a previous post, but it's from 2014 and I can't seem to access the supporting docs. that really show me what I need.

I'm a new model builder so any assitance would be appriciated, and apologies if this has been covered elsewhere and I've not found it.


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  • That's great, thanks for your help.

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    There is a formula on this page


    that will help translate from the excel NETWORKDAYS function to Anaplan.  Hope this helpg

  • This is something my team has been trying to solve for as we needed to calculate the # of working days in each month for personnel planning.   The provided solution is workable but had a bit more manual admin work than would be ideal for our situation. I was able take the outline provided and leverage the WEEKDAY() formula to automate the determination of which dates to include/exclude from working days.    


    See below for breakdown of my solution: 

    1. Create Date Input Module
      1. Create 2 date formatted lines for start and end date
      2. Create number formatted line item for # of cumulative Working Days as of the end date (this will reference the module created in the next step)  Formula: Time Mappings.Cumulated Working Days[LOOKUP: End Date]

                        Date Input - Working Day.PNG

    1. Create Time Mappings module with a timescale set to Day
      1. Create a number formatted line item to pull in the day of the week for that specific date. Formula: WEEKDAY(START())
      2. Create a number formatted line item to determine the number of Working Days.  The formula will define which days of the week will be your non-working day (in the US that is generally Saturday (day 6) and Sunday (day 7).   Formula: IF Day of Week = 6 OR Day of Week = 7 THEN 0 ELSE 1
      3. Create Boolean formatted line item to determine which dates have working days between the two specified dates.  Formula: START() >= Date Input.Start Date AND END() <= Date Input.End Date AND Working Day > 0
      4. Create number formatted line it to calculate the cumulative number of working days where the Boolean is marked true.  Formula: CUMULATE(IF Include in Cumulated? THEN 1 ELSE 0)

                       Time Mapping - Working Day.PNG


    This solution allowed us to systematically calculate workday for all of our planning periods so wanted to share should it be helpful to anyone else in the future.