Hide/Show entire modules in a dashboard (and update subsets?)

Hi all, 


I'm trying to identify the easiest/best solution to allow the end user to select a specific member from a list, select a specific calculation type (and therefore update relevant subsets) and then show/hide the relevant modules that use that specific calculation, hiding everything else.

I'm not 100% sure which is the easiest way to manage this ? Attached clearer specs and an example.

Any suggestions ? I've got the feeling that I'm over-engineering the solution ?





  • You cannot hide and show modules. But I guess you can have dashboards for each situation and use a button with context to open the right dashboard.
  • Hi Nathan, 


    Thanks for your reply. I'm attaching the solution I went down with, at the moment. I feel that it's a bit convoluted from a technical point of view and it seems I need to refresh the dashboard to update changes in selections (with this being the only drawback, I would say). From a visualisation point of view I'm meeting the requirements. 

    It does what it's supposed to do but it's definitely not a "lean/simple process". Draft screenshot to detail my thinking/solution behind this attached.


    Unfortunately the requirement is to have everything in one dashboard : your approach would have definitely been the easiest, but it's been pushed back at the moment (good to see the suggestion!).



  • so you concatenated all calcs within one module and hide/show them depending a selector, probably using a line item subset ?


    classical I would say, don't worry about it beeing too complex

  • Hi, 

    Yes, that's correct 🙂

    I try to keep the solutions as easy as possible so that they are easier to maintain by the team going forward.