Referencing Previous Row


In the attached file i've a column of data that goes up and down and in the 2nd column it's a more smoothed set of numbers. Essentially if row B is bigger than row A give me row A based on column 1. But what I want to do is if row B is bigger than row A give me row A but from column 2 so that where there's the 55 and 70 it's actually 5.

Doesn't matter what I try seem to continually get circular references. Easy to do in excel (naturally!) Any ideas??



  • Hi Andrew,
    I could not understand the exact issue you are facing. Can you please be more illustrative with your example?.

  • Hi Pavan

    At point 35% column A is 55 which is more than point 30% so column B returns 5%. At point 40% column A is 70 which at the moment returns 55 - am doing a lookup based on previous point.

    But what i'd like to do is at point 40% actually return 5 ie the previous entry from column B and then would stay 5 until point 50% when it would change to 0, etc...