How to delete a Model


Hi All, Can any one please let me know how to delete a model which is created or installed through Anaplan app hub..? Thanking you in Advance Regards Sashidhar



  • Hi Sashidhar

    You can delete a model if you are administrator,

    So if you are a administrator then click on your name on top right corner/ Go to manage models/select the model and then delete.

    Thanks and Regards
    Harish B K
  • Thanks for the help Harish
  • Hi Sashidhar,

    One quick note on this, it is strongly recommended to *never* delete a model.  Anaplan support is almost completely unable to help in recovering a deleted model, so this is an extremely permanent action.  Since there is no impact on having Archived models it is recommended to just Archive your model, and possibly include a naming convention that helps you know which should be considered "deleted", this way there is no permanent loss.  

    Of course there are times when deleting a model is warranted, which may be your case here, so not to say you should never do it, just want to make sure it's documented here that 99% of times it is strongly recommended NOT to delete a model.  Hope that helps!

    -Chris Weiss
  • You delete an Abb Hub model in the same way you'd delete any other model: Drop down the menu under your name & select Manage Models, then select the model you want to delete and click Delete.