Can you use the synchronised page item in a filter?


I have published a number of modules to a dashboard with a synchronised page selector on a shared list. I now want to publish an Import Action to the dashboard that will import from a View to a List, BUT I want the View to be filtered on the shared list so that only the currently selected page item is present.

So the question is whether I can somehow determine which item has been selected in a formula that will make a boolean formatted line item assigned to the shared List be TRUE for just the selected page?



  • Hi,


    that syncrhonized list must be a dimension of the source view as a page. Then you can do a filter: if item(list) = line item with that list then true else false

  • Nathan, thanks for responding but I think what you describe is how to make a filter on the assumption the the line item somehow returns the sychronised page item. I have yet to see how that can be achieved.


    A synchronised page selector is by definition a dimension of two or more of the items in a dashboard. When a user interacts with the dashboard they can change a synchronised page selector to any item in the dimension list. The question I have raised is whether you can identify which item the user has selected.


    I suspect that this is another item that, like the current user and the current time, the Anaplan engine must know but which have yet to be made available to the Anaplan modeller through a formula.

  • that formula is ITEM() 😉

    so you can do IF ITEM(your list ) = what you want then DO else dont

  • Nathan, I am very familar with ITEM() - one can hardly do anything in Anaplan without having made use of it. But it does not address the issue. In your own response just now "IF ITEM(your list ) = what you want then DO else dont"

    it is the expression 'what you want' that I need a solution for.

    Here is a simple use case. I have a List myList with items A, B, C. I have three modules myModA, myModB and myModFilter each dimensioned by myList. MyModA and myModB are each pivoted with myList as a Page Selector and published to a dashboard with page synchronisation selected for myList. The user opens the dashboard and changes the Page Selector on myModA to item C. the page selector for myModB automatically changes to C as well. MyModFilter has two line items, PageSynchItem (list formatted by myList) and myFilter (boolean formatted) with formula IF ITEM(MyList)=PageSynchItem THEN TRUE ELSE FALSE. What is needed is the formula for PageSynchItem that in my example above would return item C.

  • in your mod filter, do you have any other list that has a link to "my list " ? is yes you can use it but otherwise no.


    This is a common case I would say and  often the solution in that situation the user has to "reselect" the element of my list they want to import (or a line item list formatted drop down but that's still a second selection). The modeler cannot access the "curent selection", neither can we access "current user" (only in the filtering)