Hub Comes to You Paris – Anaplan Partner Hackathon 2018

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Let the Hackathon Begin!

At this year’s Hub Comes to You Paris event, 12 teams consisting of Anaplan Partners met to compete in an exciting Anaplan hackathon.

The goal was simple: develop a world-class capacity planning application for AG2R LA MONDIALE, a French-based, inter-professional insurance and supplementary retirement fund group. The challenge? To do so in just seven hours!

2018 Anaplan Hackathon2018 Anaplan Hackathon

Using identical data sets provided by AG2R LA MONDIALE, the teams were tasked with developing a capacity planning solution that would improve the process of production planning for AG2R LA MONDIALE’s customers’ financial accounts.

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The 12 teams worked vigorously throughout the day to develop, implement, and test their models. As they progressed, each team worked to deliver models that automatically scheduled different tasks and simulated the impacts of changes on the production plan, such as changes to the calendar, resource availability, and account constraints.


At the end of the day, each team was allotted 10 minutes to present their respective projects and convince the jury that their solution was the best. The jury, consisting of an AG2R LA MONDIALE team and Anaplan representatives, were tough, yet fair, in their judging and ultimately selected two models, developed by MeltOne Advisory and Atkan, as the finalists.

Both teams would go on to present their models during the Hub Comes to You Paris event in front of a room full of Hub attendees. Participants of each presentation voted on the best application at the end of the sessions and the votes were collected to determine a winner.

At the closing party of the event, Atkan was crowned as the winner of the Hub Comes to You Paris hackathon!

Announcing the winnerAnnouncing the winner

The Hub Comes to You Paris hackathon proved to be an excellent opportunity for Anaplan Partners to test The Anaplan Way in an accelerated format and demonstrate their Anaplan expertise in a platform that truly can accelerate the time to value for the customer.

Tasks configuration.Tasks configuration.Resources planning by tasks.Resources planning by tasks.

A big thank you to the 12 Anaplan Partners who participated in the hackathon:

Interested in competing in the next Anaplan hackathon? Keep an eye out for event announcements on the Anaplan Community homepage for your next opportunity.