Sort data based on multiple columns


Morning all, 


Am I missing something or I thought it was possible to sort records based on more than one LI ? I want to easily order some transactional records based on status, then priority (I "coded" these two LIs so that they are numerics) but I could only apply the sort based on one LI.

Am I getting confused with Excel ? If this functionality isn't available, would it not be helpful ? This is still doable with a bit of extra coding but I would like to avoid that, if possible.






  • Hi,


    I coud not understand the exact use case. But from what i understood, you are trying to sort some records based on 2 different lieitems and anaplan will take sort based on only 1 lineitem.

    If that's the case, yes the base for sorting can come from only 1 lineitem. Only way out could be, try bringing the values in those 2 different lineitems into a single lineitem which will be the 3rd lineitem to be created (If possible) and use that for sorting.

    Sorry, if i have misunderstood.