Refresh Image with Filter module


Hi all,


In a dashboard, while looking at the properties of a product I would like to see the product image just next to its properties.

In order to do so I put a image which gets the url in a central module for the product properties. I added also a filter module that enables to filter a unique product with some criterias (and not have the list of all the product in the dashboard). With this filter module and and the "Refresh" button of the dashboard, all the properties are updated but not the image. I have to click on the row label to change the image.


Is there a feature that allows to update the image when the "Refresh" button is used while not clicking on the row label ? 



Louis P.



  • Hi,


    you should try and apply the filter to the module that contains the links as well

  • Hi, 


    Thanks for the answer but the filter module is already applied to the propperties and the link (which are in the same module).


    The main question is : is the refresh button refreshing all the informartion of the dashboard or is it only refreshing the data and not the images (we need to click on the row label to then refresh it) ?