Partial weeks split bw months


Need the split of a week which overlapped two months into 2 partial-weeks. The target is to have a full calendar view of month and weeks together. The costumer can make planning on month or alternatively on week level, where data will consistently splited or aggregated. Moreover it is also important for aggregating the partial-weeks actuals to months in the correct way. e.g. week 18 in 2013 overlapped April and May. Costumer has to load data for week-18.April separately from week-18.May. In the same way they have to make his forecasting.


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  • peter_mcanena
    Hi Natalia,

    You can achieve this result by creating a custom time hierarchy.

    You'll need a list for years, a second list for months, with years as the parent, then a third list for partial weeks, with months as its parent. The partial week list should have a property mapping it back to Anaplan's built-in time period (i.e. the start or end date of the week) and a weighting, which will be the multiplier for how fully the week fits into the month (i.e. 100% for a complete week, 6/7 = 85.7% for a six-day week, 5/7 = 71.4% for a five-day week and so on, down to 1/7 = 14.3% for a single day).

    You can then write your module dimensioned by the partial weeks hierarchy and get the data from the source modules (which are dimensioned by the built-in time dimension) by looking up the start/end date of the week and multiplying by the weighting.

    Hope that helps,



  • Thanks a lot Pete for great idea!
  • You're welcome! An additional tip: create a model dimensioned by built-in time to populate your custom hierarchy, with lookups to check which months & weeks need to be added. Then you can write a process to add missing periods & your hierarchies will always be in synch.
  • Hi Peter, I am working on something similar, can you please elaborate on this part : "The partial week list should have a property mapping it back to Anaplan's built-in time period (i.e. the start or end date of the week)" , I am having a difficulty building this. Thanks in advance.
  • Hi Sheetal,


    Please check the following screenshot:

    Capture1.PNGNote : Refer SA model 


    Let me know, if this helps or not




  • * Instead of using weighting(as explained by Peter), i have directly used no of days in a week. You can see 5 days of week 4 falls in Jan 18 and other 2 days falls in Feb 18.

  • Thanks Pavan, I just completed building this by using weightage method.

    I have two questions for you, the start dates and end dates which is displayed on your picture is that manually put in? 

    And by your methodology of bringing in the days, how do  you plan on using this to move data from module containing Anaplan time dimension and to the module which has this custom time dimension?

  • Sheetal,


    1) They are manulally mapped

    2) While writing a formula, we should  divide "No of days" by 7 for the value we are taking. (Its again like, giving weights)




  • adpinto

    What do you do for 2019? wouldn't you have a weeks member "Week 1/Jan" that would have Jan 19 as a parent but you already have "Week 1/Jan" as a member of the list. Would it need to look more like this?



    Thank you!