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Hi, Is there a way to disable "Show Hidden Content" at the bottom of the content list? I want my users to be able to view the dashboards only wihtout viewing the modules.


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  • daniel_laing
    Hi there,

    Workspace Admins can now hide the Show hidden content checkbox from all the non-admins in a model. Check out the What's New page for 2016.4 for more details.

    Anaplan Staff


  • That's in the roadmap. No firm release date yet, hopefully early 2017.
  • What contents do you like to show in dashboard you can just let us know by example we can suggest a workaround.
  • I don't want to show the modules.

    As a temp. solution, all my users have read access but I still want to hide it from them.
  • When you mean you want to hide modules is it like they need to see only graphs or they need to see only few modules of that dashboard.

    If they just need to see graphs never call a module into the dashboard, if they need to see only few modules of dashboard then for now its not possible so for each team you can build a different dashboard.
  • Module for me are the screen where I can load and change the data.

    I don't want my users to see the modules in the conten side bar. 

    Although I gave them all read access, they can still click on "Show Hidden Content" checkbox and view the data in the modules.
  • You should then give no access to those modules for that user access profile
  • We have the same problem as you.  This " Show hidden content" option was added in one of the upgrades rolled out by Anaplan; after we have been using our model for a period of time.  We used the dashboard as one form of users' access control.   We are not in a position to rebuild our model as a result of this change in Anaplan. Please remove this from the users.

    How soon can Anaplan remove this option of "Show Hidden Content" ?
  • this what's new link does not work. where can I find this information?

    Will Lederer

  • This what's new link does not work. where can I find this information?

    Will Lederer

  • Hello - This URL doesn't work for me, I get an "access denied" error.  Would you happen to have an updated URL?  I'm also trying to find out how to hide this checkbox from users.  Thanks!


    ** Update: Found the link**