Open multiple dashboards on selected item but prevent further sync between tabs


Hi all, 

I've published a list into a dashboard and a context button. The user can therefore select items from the list and, by clicking on the button 3 different dashboards could open up, on the current selection.

Unfortunately, as the list is the same and sync is enabled on the dashboards, flicking between them means the selection is refreshed (which is not what I want).

I can think of alternatives but I'm wondering if there's a very easy and straightforward out of the box functionality I should consider ? 

There is a requirement to have the 3 different dashboards open at the same time with users being able to work on them at the same time.






  • Hi,

    I guess you can use the users dimension to the list which is used.

  • Common list selections will synchronize when set to do so. Most of the time, this is preferred... but not always. I don't have the full details, but there may be opportunity to remove/uncheck the synchronize setting in favor of some custom approach. Can you provide some insight into what type of list it is that is synchronizing?