How do I sum across dimensions other than time?


Hi All,


I have a question about how to calculate sum cross specific dimension.


For instance, I have a input like this:

       X1       X2

Y1   1         5

Y2   3         3

Y3   6         2


Now both X and Y are lists that I created and put into module's page selector so i can toggle.


I would like to create a module to such that when i choose X1 and Y2, there will be a column hold value 3, then another cell hold ALL X's sum within Y2 (6) and another hold ALL Y's sum within X1 (10).


Is there anyway I can achieve this?



Thank you so much!




  • Hi,


    this is such a great question to understand dimensionality and summary in Anaplan !


    I did an example, here's the "database":

    X and Y Values.png

    Note that you need to have summary levels in your dimensions


    Then the result:

    X and Y result.png

    and how this is achieved:


    X and Y formulas.png

    LOOKUPs are fully dynamic and they use the user input to find the value value at the crossing of the dimensions

    SELECTs are searching for a fixed value ented in the formulas, here the sumary level of the required dimension


    I believe this should help you understand. Feel free to ask questions