Planning for Efficient Imports

Take time to determine the most efficient way of pulling your data in. With multiple views, it is common to think about each view separately, but when it comes to importing data, a holistic view is key. For instance, if you would like to see a current roll-up of sellers to teams and a historical view (i.e. – which seller reported to which team at a point in time), this can come from one file that has each historical relationship; the current view will have a filter to only show the most recent month.

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  • Yes - the error dump file to 50000 lines. Very large error dumps are of limited value and can impact on other users. The summary-level error information will still contain accurate totals, however.
  • Hi ,


    I have found my answers :

    The error log is limited to 50 000 entries .


    I have solved the original problem by creating a new view smaller and more convenient to export .


  • Hi ,

    Thanks for your answer .


    1/ I can't map the errors into the log to the lines from the file i want to export ! In the log , There is a column named "Article - Facturé:Name"  with  the entry "#1" on the first line

    and the detailed error is " Item not located in Article - Facturé list: #1


    But the problem is that in my list , there are no codes or names with the reference "#1" so it is hard to identify which components of the list are in error .


    2/ if not every errors are in the 50 000 entries of the log , i can't check my destination module too to know exactly what was right and what was wrong .